Community Links

Community Links and the Inspirational Speaker Programme:

Gable Hall has close links with the community and has developed a network of ‘Inspirational Speakers’ who regularly come into school and talk and workshop about their specialisms and areas of interest, personal experiences and achievements and careers. 

Gable Hall regularly promotes events run by SpringPod, Speakers for Schools, Career Ready and The Careers & Enterprise Company which are designed to raise student aspiration and engagement in the curriculum.  

Other examples of careers activities at Gable Hall include: visits to careers fairs, year group workshop days, post 16 & post 18 aspirational assemblies, engagement in Baker McKenzie’s Futuready programme, industry mentoring programmes, Lunch and Learn alumni sessions etc.  

Community and Charity Projects

  • Litter picking in the community
  • Performances in local school fetes and shopping centres
  • Trailblazer project. Links with Royal Opera House
  • Poppy appeal and ceremony
  • Pride Festival
  • Performances to feeder schools, OAP homes and local hospices 
  • Discussions with local councillors
  • Annual Christmas Market
  • Supporting Thurrock Foodbank

Year 7 volunteers took part in THE BIG SCHOOL CLEAN UP 2023! Over 14 bags of rubbish were collected to make our school a nicer environment for everyone!

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Key Stage 3

  • Litter picking within the community.
  • CARTS – Our Story SOW focuses on the Windrush and immigration in the local area.
  • Steps - local historical lessons and visits such as Coal House Fort and Tilbury Fort.
  • History – local historical site tours and research.
  • Geography – mapping the local area. English - First Give Project.
  • Supporting and fundraising for local charities.

Key Stage 4 

  • Animal care – working with local farms to explore animal welfare.
  • Local guest speakers in assemblies to discuss their journey to inspire pupils.
  • Financial studies looks at fundraising and charity. 

Key Stage 5

  • Challenge 21 – various exercise projects to promote healthy lifestyle amongst parents, pupils and staff.
  • Various work placements within the community.
  • Psychology - Debates with local councillors - James Howden Children in Need/Comic Relief cake sales

All Year Groups

  • School leadership and council meetings to discuss the school community.
  • CARTS – performing in OAP homes and hospices.
  • Performances to feeder schools, hospices and OAP homes.
  • Christmas Market to raise money for Thurrock food bank.
  • Collections for autumn harvest and reverse advent calendar for Thurrock Food Bank.
  • Performing in local shopping centres, school fetes and community fundraisers.
  • Poppy ceremony and appeal.
  • Food - parents or local professionals to lead cookery sessions for pupils.
  • All events advertised in the local press and Facebook pages.
  • Rotary club.
  • Christmas Jumper day.
  • Cadet car wash and fundraisers
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