Interact Club Involvement: Did you know that our Interact Club is actively supporting our charity efforts? Every Thursday during lunch breaks, they gather in the library to collaborate with students, discussing, planning, and preparing for upcoming fundraising events.

Get Involved: You're welcome to bring your lunch to the library and join the discussions. Let's work together to make a positive impact on our local community.

Students decide which charities to sponsor and regularly raise money for these ,with extra-curricular events such as non-uniform days, or the ever popular Christmas ‘Dickensian Market’.  The student leadership team raised £750 for various charities and organisations.

We are excited to share news about upcoming charity events that we'd love your support for, if possible.

This year, we're supporting two meaningful causes: Thurrock’s Christmas Dinner, providing dinner and presents for young people who've left care, and Footsteps, a local youth and social club for individuals with disabilities. Profits from our events will be evenly split between these two charities.

Event Schedule 2023-2024:

  1. 25th November, 10-12: Performance outside Morrison’s in Corringham.
  2. 2nd December, 10-2: Christmas Market with stall spaces available for £10. Donations for a raffle prize are appreciated. If you prefer not to have a stall, join us for the festive spirit at no entrance fee.
  3. 8th December, 7pm – Midnight: Footsteps Christmas Cocktail Party in our school theatre. Tickets are £15, inclusive of a welcome drink. All profits fund carers for Footstep’s Mersea adventure activity holiday.
  4. 13th December, 1-3pm: Christmas OAP Afternoon Tea – a free event for local seniors, funded by our Interact charity group.
  5. 16th December, 10-12: Another performance outside Morrison’s in Corringham.

For stall or event tickets, contact Karina Latham through

Thurrock Christmas Dinner: Our largest event is on Christmas Day, hosting young people aged 16-24 who've left care. Volunteers are covered, but we're seeking help in gathering presents. Donations can be dropped off in my office or at the reception desk from 1st December 2023.

Items Needed:

  • iPhone/Samsung chargers, Cups/mugs, Pasta/Rice
  • Toiletries, Glasses, Tinned foods
  • Makeup, Cold and flu tablets, Cereal/cereal bars
  • Shaving gels/balms, Kitchen utensils, Jams/Marmalade
  • Face packs, Toothpaste and brushes, Chocolates
  • Moisturisers, Flannels/sponges, Sweets
  • Hair styling products, Toilet roll, Biscuits
  • Socks, Washing powder, Condiments
  • Gloves/scarf, Washing Softener, Cooking Sauces
  • Hot Water Bottles, Tea Towels, Cakes
  • Perfume/aftershave, Soap, Spices Mixes

Your generosity is appreciated. Please note that these are voluntary contributions, aiming to make a positive impact in our immediate community.

Thank you for your continued support.

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