Performing Arts Selection Programme


Performing Arts Selection Programme

Thank you for your interest in joining Gable Hall School and considering our exclusive 10% Performing Arts selection program.

As a renowned institution with a specialisation in Performing Arts, we are proud to uphold our tradition of handpicking 10% of our student body based on their exceptional aptitude and potential in Dance, Drama, Music, or Art.


In workshop activities, a student can achieve the following:

  1. Skilfully observe and depict a still life, ensuring accurate proportions and a three-dimensional representation.
  2. Attentively analyse and apply a variety of tones to their artwork.
  3. Employ precise mark-making techniques to establish texture and shading.
  4. Demonstrate adept control over the chosen artistic medium, showcasing an understanding of visual and tactile attributes.
  5. Show autonomy in assessing and enhancing their work as they advance in the creative process.


Through engaging in workshop activities, a student can accomplish the following:

  1. Demonstrate a consistent display of accuracy in executing both simple and intricate body movements, showcasing mastery achieved through sufficient rehearsal.
  2. Exhibit a keen understanding of the significance of factors such as focus, timing, clarity of form, and a profound familiarity with the chosen material.
  3. Develop an apt and fitting response to a provided stimulus, showcasing creativity and adaptability.
  4. Choose body actions that encompass a diverse range of both simple and intricate movements, revealing versatility in their performance.
  5. Manifest an acute awareness of contrasts, employing them effectively to generate intrigue and captivation in their presentation.


Engaging in workshop activities empowers a student to achieve the following:

  1. Craft distinct characters that stand apart from themselves, skilfully employing voice modulation, gestures, and body language.
  2. Select appropriate vocabulary and movements that seamlessly align with the specific personalities, settings, and time frames demanded by their narrative or scenario.
  3. Effectively comprehend and execute directional instructions, demonstrating both the ability to follow and provide guidance.
  4. Contribute actively to group improvisations, collaboratively enhancing the collective creative endeavour.
  5. Prioritise safety within group activities, comprehending and adhering to safety measures.
  6. Articulate insightful commentary on the dramatic work at hand and offer constructive suggestions for its enhancement.


Participating in workshop activities equips a student to achieve the following:

  1. Skilfully reproduce given phrases through singing, showcasing a strong sense of intonation and a capable memory for longer sequences.
  2. Innovate and compose brief improvisations, utilising either their voice or a musical instrument, inspired by a provided stimulus.
  3. Display comprehension of pacing, dynamics, rhythm, and melody, contributing to a well-rounded musical expression.
  4. Demonstrate proficiency in ensemble skills, effectively collaborating with others in a musical context.
  5. Engage actively in a choral workshop, contributing to the collective musical performance.
  6. Successfully manage simple harmonies, reflecting a growing mastery of musical techniques.
  7. Effectively follow performance directions, ensuring a cohesive and synchronised musical presentation.
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