Home School Agreement

Our Home School Agreement

Collaborative Commitment: Home School Partnership

At Gable Hall, we recognise that the journey to success is a shared endeavour involving parents, students, and the school. Each of these stakeholders plays a crucial role in fostering achievement, and our partnership thrives when we collectively commit to the best interests of all. This agreement outlines the roles and responsibilities of the school, parents, and students to ensure a harmonious and effective collaboration.

Discover Our School - Gable Hall School is dedicated to cultivating a secure, nurturing, and joyful environment, where our students acquire the skills and resilience to confidently embrace their future challenges. Our mission is to provide a caring community that nurtures intellectual, physical, creative, moral, and social growth.

We empower students to cultivate self-awareness and confidence, equipping them to actively engage as responsible contributors in an evolving society. The value of education remains at the core of our ethos, underpinning the connections we forge amongst all members of our school community.

Fostering Communication - Parents seeking to connect with our staff are encouraged to schedule appointments by contacting the school: 01375 400800

Our Commitment - The School is committed to:

  • Providing a safe and conducive environment for optimal learning and development.
  • Fostering a supportive and nurturing community for students to flourish.
  • Nurturing a holistic approach to growth, encompassing intellectual, physical, and moral dimensions.

Expectations of Parents - Parents commit to:

  • Actively engaging in their child's education, partnering with the school to support their journey.
  • Encouraging a positive attitude towards learning and the school community.
  • Upholding open communication and seeking collaboration to address concerns.

Expectations of Students - Students commit to:

  • Engaging earnestly in their learning, striving for personal growth and academic excellence.
  • Respecting themselves, their peers, and the school community.
  • Demonstrating responsibility and accountability for their actions and learning journey.

By aligning our efforts and aspirations through this partnership, we ensure a nurturing and empowering environment for our students to thrive.

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