Parents' Evenings

Working closely with parents and carers is crucial to ensuring the success of all our young people. An ongoing and constant dialogue between teachers, students and parents or carers enables a flow of information, advice, concerns and guidance to go between all parties to the education of each student.

Ongoing dialogue is achieved through email, phone calls and meetings that can take place at any time that they are needed.

The intention of this meeting is to feedback on your son/daughter’s progress in all their subjects. Your child’s engagement with learning, their attitudes towards learning, independent studies, homework completion and what you can do at home to support their learning and wellbeing will be a general focus for you and the teachers to discuss.

There are also two academic review meetings in Year 11 where you will meet with your child's form tutor and teachers to discuss overall progress in all aspects of school life.

An online parents’ evening system is used by the school to book appointments for parents evening.

At Ortu Gable Hall we use the online Parent Booking platform to hold our parents evenings. This allows parents / guardians book their own appointments quickly and easily. 

Each meeting will last no more than 5 minutes, the virtual platform will automatically log you out of your current appointment and log you in to your next appointment. The reason for the 5 minute time slots is to ensure all of our pupil’s families have the opportunity to speak to their child’s teachers. 

We will open the booking slots a week in advance and close on the morning of the parents evening at 10.00 am. Please use the following link: The link:

Instructions for Parents

These help topics, for parents who might would like to see an example of how to log in, or how make their bookings, or how to join video meetings, are short training videos.

Please familiarise yourself with the software using the link Here.

Parents Evening 2.30 - 7.00 pm 2022 - 2023

Year 7 Meet with Form Tutors and E Safety Evening 4.30pm-7.30pm 21st September

Year 12 Parents Evening Thursday 10th November 2022

Year 11 Parents Evening Thursday 1st December 2022

Year 10 Parents Evening Thursday 12th Jan 2023

Year 13 Parents Evening Thursday 19th Jan 2023

Year 9 Parents Evening Thursday 9th March 2023

Year 11 Parents Evening Thursday 23rd March 2023

Year 8 Parents Evening Thursday 27th April 2023

Year 7 Parents Evening Thursday 8th June 2023

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