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Name Date Category  
Adverse Weather.pdf 10th Dec 2018Whole School Download
Air Pods 30th Jan 2020Whole School Download
Austria Ski Letter 2020.pdf 14th Jan 2019Whole School Download
Colchester Castle - Steps to Success 14th Jan 2020Year 7 Download
Consultation regarding the initial DfE proposals for a Trust to take over Gable Hall School 10th Oct 2022Whole School Download
Consultation regarding the timings of the school day. 29th Sep 2022Whole School Download
Corona virus March 2020 letter to parents 13th Mar 2020Whole School Download
Covid-19 Risks Letter 17th Mar 2020Whole School Download
CPD Training Day - Monday 7th July 2021 13th May 2021Whole School Download
Cycling to School Letter 06th Mar 2020Whole School Download
Design a Day - Anglia Ruskin University 03rd Dec 2019Year 11 Download
Easter Holiday March 2021 24th Mar 2021Whole School Download
Employment Whilst at School 09th Dec 2022Year 11 Download
End of Term Letter 16th Dec 2019Whole School Download
End of Term Letter Dec 2022 09th Dec 2022Whole School Download
End of Term Letter December 2021 14th Dec 2021Whole School Download
End of Term Letter July 2022 15th Jul 2022Whole School Download
Face covering letter to parents 28th Oct 2020Whole School Download
February Half Term Interventions 05th Feb 2020Year 11 Download
Foldr Guide for students 13th Mar 2020Whole School Download
GCSE Results Day Arrangements 15th Aug 2020Year 11 Download
Half Day Training - Tuesday 3rd December 2019 16th Oct 2019Whole School Download
Harris Federation and Ortu Gable Hall School 13th Dec 2022Whole School Download
Harvest Festival Food Collection 05th Oct 2021Whole School Download
Inspection Report of Ortu Gable Hall School - Ofsted 11th Jul 2022Whole School Download
Last Day of Term - December date change 09th Dec 2020Whole School Download
Letter to Parents & Carers re: COVID & Wearing Masks 29th Jun 2021Whole School Download
Letter to Parents 22.7.22 22nd Jul 2022Whole School Download
Letter to Parents 28.07.22 from Georgina Clark Acting Chair, Ortu Trust 27th Jul 2022Whole School Download
MFL French Student Conference 04.02.20 14th Jan 2020Year 11 Download
Mobile Phone Policy Update 27th Jan 2023Whole School Download
Mobile Phones 04th Sep 2019Whole School Download
Motor Mechanics Course 2019.pdf 06th Mar 2019Whole School Download
Overseas Trips Performing Arts.pdf 06th Feb 2019Trips Download
Parent guide on how to support your child during lockdown 26th Jan 2021Whole School Download
Peer on Peer Abuse 28th Apr 2021Whole School Download
Prom Update Letter 03rd Jul 2020Year 11 Download
Proposed strike action during February and March 23rd Jan 2023Whole School Download
Proposed strike action Wednesday 1st February 2023 24th Jan 2023Whole School Download
Queen's Jubilee - July Holiday 10th Feb 2022Whole School Download
Secondary School Instrumental Tuition Spring 2022 01st Nov 2021Whole School Download
September 2020 - Student return to school guide 07th Sep 2020Whole School Download
Sports Camp 2020 08th Jul 2020Whole School Download
Staff Training Day 3.1.23 09th Dec 2022Whole School Download
Standards and Expectations 03rd Nov 2022Whole School Download
Student Expectations 13th Jan 2020Whole School Download
Summer School Acceptance Letter 17th Jul 2020Whole School Download
Transition Assembly Tuesday 14th July 01st Jul 2020Year 7 Download
Transition Attendance Letter 04th Jun 2020Whole School Download
Transition Welcome Letter 07th May 2021Whole School Download
Trips Criteria - January 2023 27th Jan 2023Whole School Download
Trust Consultant CEO: Kevin Sadler 28th Sep 2022Whole School Download
Update of developments 10th Nov 2022Whole School Download
Virtual Work Experience Opportunities 17th Sep 2021Year 11 Download
Year 10 Maths Intervention 07th May 2021Year 10 Download
Year 10 Parents Evening 12.1.23 05th Jan 2023Year 10 Download
Year 10 Parents Evening.pdf 07th Jan 2019Year 10 Download
Year 10 Virtual Parents Evening 2021 28th Feb 2021Year 10 Download
Year 11 Careers at Gable Hall 04th Jan 2023Year 11 Download
Year 11 Leaver's Ball 2021 11th Mar 2021Year 11 Download
Year 11 Leavers Ball 2020 03rd Oct 2019Year 11 Download
Year 11 Parents Evening 1.12.22 21st Nov 2022Year 11 Download
Year 11 Parents Evening.pdf 11th Feb 2019Year 11 Download
Year 11 Virtual Parents Evening 24th Nov 2020Year 11 Download
Year 7 & 8 October Booster Sessions 30th Sep 2022Year 7 Download
Year 7 Matilda Trip 25th Feb 2020Year 7 Download
Year 7 Parents Evening.pdf 04th Mar 2019Year 7 Download
Year 7 Transition Letter 24th Apr 2020Whole School Download
Year 7 Virtual Parents Evening 2021 letter 14th Feb 2021Year 7 Download
Year 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13 Letter regarding Covid. 14th Sep 2020Whole School Download
Year 8 Letter regarding Covid. 14th Sep 2020Year 8 Download
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