Behaviour Policies & Protocols

Gable Hall School's Behaviour System

At Gable Hall School, our behavior system is designed with careful consideration to create a supportive and conducive learning environment. We'd like to explain the reasoning and rationale behind this system:

All students move through the following stages, each time they are isolated. Gable Hall uses a range of escalating reflection room sanctions. During a period of reflection and isolation, students will not be permitted in lessons; instead, they will work in reflection / isolation in a specially designed room and supervised area by two members of staff. Students may be suspended at any stage on the ladder. Students may also be permanently excluded if the behaviour event is serious enough to merit this consequence. The Principal will make these decisions. HoY's / Pastoral Staff will organise work to be sent home with a student.

Our behavior system at Gable Hall School is intended to foster personal growth, responsibility, and accountability. It is a tool to guide students toward making better choices while maintaining a safe and inclusive educational environment for all. We believe in providing opportunities for students to learn from their experiences and develop into responsible individuals.



Staff responsible 

1st Warning (Disruption)

1st Verbal warning

The classroom teachers speaks with the student to remind them of our expectations in lesson

No contact home at this stage.


‘You are disrupting the lesson by …… and as a result, this is your first warning’

2nd Warning (Disruption)

2nd Verbal Warning

The classroom teacher issues a 2nd verbal warning and the student is reminded about our expectations for behaviour in lessons.

Reminder that the next time the teacher has to speak to the pupil, they will be removed from the classroom to go to Reflection and receive a ½ hour detention

No contact home.


‘ I have given you one warning

already for ….. and you are still …… - this is your second warning. If I need to speak to you again about this, you will be going to the Reflection room’

3rd step

Email Reflection – Removal from lesson.

Email Reflection and zoning and Arbor the incident.

Zoning staff contacted by Reflection and collects the student who is taken to the “Reflection room”. This is supervised by SLT.


Student to complete a reflection worksheet and thereafter works on their Knowledge Organisers or set work

Subject staff to Arbor the incident.

Phone call made - if no contact made, leave voicemail + send email/text message to parents / carers

Sanction is a 30 min same Day Detention for removal from the lesson. 


Failure to attend this 30 min detention will result in a 2 hour Friday detention. 


Failure to attend the 2 hour Friday detention will result in a Monday isolation 8.20 until 4.45pm

Second time in the reflection room in a day. 


Third time in reflection room in a day


Email Reflection - as above

Zoning staff collects the student and places them in the “Reflection room” which is supervised by SLT.


As above

Parental contact by phone to advise of 1 hour detention 


1 hour detention after school




Heads of Departments

Head of Department

Analysis of students classes and teaching group

Liaison with HOY regarding intervention

Heads of Years

Second time in reflection room within 5 days

At the end of each day, HOY to monitor students and frequency of removal to the reflection room

Parental phone contact from HoY to advise of sanction 

2 hour detention after school

Third consecutive time in the reflection room within 5 days. 

HOY takes responsibility for ensuring the appropriate interventions happen. 

They monitor this student and take responsibility for them to try to avoid further escalating behaviour

HoY parental call to arrange a meeting- other relevant key staff may also be invited to attend  - Targets / report / monitoring.


Isolation following day

Fourth consecutive time in the reflection room within 5 days. 

Zoning staff collects the student and places them in High End Isolation

HoY makes the call followed by a meeting with HoY, and key staff as appropriate

  • PSP and Case study put in place. 

  • Student discussed at TAC. 

High End Isolation

Consecutive time in the reflection room post High End Isolation 

HEI (Hassenbrook) / FTS

  • Lockdown Report

  • Refer to Governors Panel

Parental meeting with HoB and key staff are invited to attend. 


HEI Hassenbrook/Fixed Time Suspension

Next Stage

Managed move meeting

Risk of Permanent Exclusion (Rope) meeting

Presented at Inclusion Panel

Gable Hall Behaviour Management:

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