At Gable Hall School, we recognise the paramount importance of teachers being attuned to their students' body language. This ability allows them to assess whether students are fully engaged, interested, and comprehending the material being taught. Common indicators of student inattentiveness include slouching, fidgeting, and doodling, all of which can hinder the learning process. Central to our educational approach is the implementation of the SLANT strategy, a valuable tool aimed at enhancing learning outcomes and student performance by fostering positive body language habits.


"SLANT" is an acronym that encapsulates five key behaviours: 'Sit up straight, Listen, Answer questions, Never interrupt, and Track the speaker.' This straightforward technique serves as both a reminder and an encouragement for our students to be actively engaged and attentive in the classroom.

Benefits of the SLANT strategy:

Sit up Straight: In order to create an optimal learning environment, it is crucial to guide our students in adopting the right posture. This entails sitting up straight with their backs against the chair, feet firmly planted on the ground, and hands resting on the table. This posture promotes alertness, ensuring that information is processed effectively.

Listen Attentively: Active listening is a cornerstone of effective learning. Students are encouraged not only to hear but to truly listen to what is being presented. Attentive listening enhances comprehension and retention of the material.

Answer Questions Thoughtfully: Encouraging students to participate in discussions, clarify doubts, and provide thoughtful answers can invigorate the classroom atmosphere. Engaging in question and answer sessions promotes critical thinking, content analysis, and a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Never Interrupt: Respect for the speaker's turn to communicate is a fundamental aspect of effective communication. Encouraging students to wait their turn promotes a respectful and conducive learning environment.

Track the Speaker: Recognising that attention spans vary amongst students, we emphasise the importance of visually tracking the speaker, whether it be the teacher or fellow students delivering presentations. This intentional focus on the speaker helps students remain attentive and prevents distractions or daydreaming.


At Gable Hall School, the SLANT strategy is more than just an acronym; it is a fundamental approach to fostering a culture of active engagement, respect, and effective learning. By encouraging positive body language and active participation, we aim to empower our students to excel academically and develop essential life skills.

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