Welcome to the Heart of Knowledge: The Gable Hall Library

At Gable Hall, our library isn't just a room; it's a haven of warmth, diversity, and inclusively, open to both students and staff alike. With a dual purpose of fostering individual study and leisurely reading, the library stands as a vibrant resource centre.

Our library is more than a collection of books; it's a community incubator for curious minds, aspiring to cultivate a passionate, open-minded, and creative cohort of readers. Our ultimate goal? To nurture an enduring love for learning and the written word that extends far beyond the school years.

Driven solely by the desire to elevate students' growth, both academically and personally, we're resolute in our mission. Through the library, we aim to kindle the spark of curiosity, ignite self-directed learning, nurture a mindset of continuous growth, and prioritise the holistic well-being and joy of our students throughout their educational journey.

Located at the core of Gable Hall School, our library isn't merely a physical space; it's a dynamic hub that supports the entire curriculum. Our shelves house a diverse array of reading and learning materials, our expert guidance and support are tailor-made, and we encourage students to actively engage in the library's vibrant life.

For the latest updates on facilities, clubs, events, enriching workshops, volunteering opportunities, innovative displays, recommended reading lists, and external resources, we invite you to explore the links below.

As we eagerly anticipate your presence, let the Gable Hall School Library be the backdrop of your reading and learning journey. Our aim is to champion the art of reading and learning, spark creativity, and accompany you on a continuous quest towards our shared vision of becoming the best versions of ourselves.

"In principle and reality, libraries are life-enhancing palaces of wonder."

The Day News - The Day is an online daily newspaper for young people. They publish analysis of the news that provides context for debates that explore the deeper currents shaping our world.

Welcoming Hours - The doors of our Library swing open promptly at 8:00 every morning, ready to greet eager minds. During each food and lunch break, the Library remains a hub of activity and exploration. Homework Club extends its helping hand within our library until 16:00 every weekday, except for Fridays, when the library doors gently close at 3:30pm.

Within our Library's embrace lies a haven for essential supplies – our very own Stationery Shop. Here, you'll find all the indispensable tools for your educational journey, including a transparent pencil case prepped with essentials, all for a mere £1.00. The Stationery Shop's doors are ajar all day, every day, ensuring your needs are always met.

Refugee Week - The Library supported this week with quizzes, writing poetry, reading books relating to Refugees and naming the famous people who were refugees which was surprising to lots of students.

Interact Club: A Journey through Literature - Each year, as March dawns, we await with bated breath the unveiling of the coveted short-listed books – usually a captivating ensemble of eight. The day arrives, and with it, the much-anticipated moment when eight copies of each of these literary treasures, pre-ordered from our trusted bookstore, grace our hands. Enthusiastic students, having signed up weeks in advance, are bubbling with excitement, eager to plunge into the world of reading.

With approximately 14 weeks at our disposal, we immerse ourselves in these literary wonders, savouring each page and absorbing the stories' essence. And then comes the crescendo – a day at Thameside Theatre Grays. This is our moment to engage, discuss, and debate these literary gems with peers from neighbouring Thurrock schools.

As the day unfolds, our students find themselves enveloped in discussions, sharing insights, and forging connections with fellow literature enthusiasts. Amidst animated conversations and shared perspectives, new friendships are kindled, fostering an environment of camaraderie and exploration.

The Interact Club's journey through literature isn't just about books; it's about the connections we forge, the insights we gain, and the joy of shared exploration.

Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Awards: Thurrock Schools Unite

March marks our awaited moment as the short-listed gems, often eight in number, are unveiled. Swiftly, eight copies of each book grace our shelves, pre-ordered from our reliable bookstore. Enthusiastic students, having signed up weeks prior, eagerly dive into these literary treasures.

With about 14 weeks at our disposal, we delve into these narratives, and then, the crescendo – a day at Thameside Theatre, Grays. Here, discussions flourish as we exchange insights and perspectives with peers from Thurrock schools, culminating in a rewarding experience that leaves happy faces in its wake.

Chess Club is on Wednesdays.

Film Club is Thursdays and Fridays FB2 for one hour.

Christmas Half Price Book Fair - December
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