Enrichment Opportunities

Enrichment Opportunities

All our departments at Gable Hall will offer some type of enrichment activity throughout the academic year, visiting an art gallery, the local church, seeing a play in the west end, and visiting museums. In particular, our sports music and drama departments offer a wide variety of enrichment opportunities for all age groups and all our clubs, societies, teams and ensembles are all inclusive. 

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Enrichment programmes are vital to ignite that passion for learning in students again as well as to assist pupils to develop wider skillsflexibility and resourcefulness. At  Gable Hall we realise that enrichment gives pupils opportunities to try new and varied activities that develop characterresilience and motivation, and encourage pupils to pursue wider goals.

Our enrichment programme is designed for all pupils to flourish and to live out our vision of preparing them to be good active citizens within their communities. We believe that education and character development are key drivers in a student’s overall growth so we aim to offer an inspiring enrichment programme as an intrinsic part of the school experience.

The programme provides opportunities for pupils to further their interests from the classroom or to try something totally new. Enrichment activities help pupils develop a love for learning in their own time, expand their mind and gain skills that will help pupils in the future. Learning outside the classroom also gives students the opportunity to experiment which helps to build confidence as they learn new skills and immerse themselves in new experiences.

Educational Visits

Students regularly take part in educational visits and trips, to develop their understanding of historic and culturally significant events and landmarks within the world. These visits and trips give students the opportunities to develop an association when retrieving key information whether this be in lessons or in conversations in their everyday lives. Some examples of trips that Gable Hall has been on in the last year include: NASA Space Station trip, Austria ski trip, Excel Careers Fair and various visits into London’s museums and theatres and other cultural offerings.

Enrichment Learning including educational trips 

Students take part in a wide range of competitions and events in all curriculum areas which develop and deepen their learning.  For example the Interact reading club runs at Thameside Theatre Grays for the day where students discuss the books with other Thurrock schools. PE department run trips throughout the year including December – Olympic Park, cycle centre, June – Olympic Park, white water rafting centre, July – Inter Form sports winners – Go Carting/Jump Giants.


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