Curriculum Overview

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Curriculum Overview

The curriculum at Ortu Gable Hall School has high expectations and aspirations for pupils, drives the relentless commitment to continually raise the quality of teaching to support the delivery of an outstanding curriculum.

The intent of our curriculum is to provide choice, breadth, challenge, success for all and high aspiration.  It is intended to enable our pupils to grow as individuals and prepare them for further and higher education as well as employment locally and further afield. Employment opportunities in our locality include: Care, Engineering, Logistics, Health, Information Technology, Creative, Finance and Construction (Source: Essex Employability Board 2014).

Our Key Stage3 Offer aims at producing capable learners who are ready and able to access within the Key Stage 4 curriculum. It also provided appropriate support those pupils who were not secondary ready on arrival from Key Stage 2, to progress in line with their peers.

The ‘Golden Threads’ of our Curriculum helps us achieve equality, equity and social justice through the explicit teaching of

Numeracy applied in context

Literacy, oral fluency and the promotion of reading

Scientific Enquiry and Creativity

The Understanding of the world around us, relationships in all contexts and citizenship.

At Key Stage 4, our curriculum offers GCSE subjects which enable all to access to the EBACC (English/English Literature, Maths, Science, Geography or History, French or German) as well as a range of vocational subjects which allow pupils a wide choice of pathways. It is in this way that our Key Stage 4 curriculum caters for key employment needs locally (care, engineering, logistics, health, IT and creative, finance, and construction) and prepares our students for their next steps in Further Education and Apprenticeships.

At Key stage 5, the intent of our offer is to prepare young people effectively for the next step - University, Apprenticeship and Employment as appropriate. The broad KS5 offer (A level English Language, English Literature, English Language & Literature, Maths, Further Maths, Additional Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Sociology, Psychology, History, Criminology, Government & Politics, Art, Media, Photography, BTEC Health & Social Care, BTEC Applied Sciences, BTEC Sport, BTEC Business, Football and Netball Academies) is complemented by a well-resourced Programme of Ethics, Transition and Community (ETC), which prepares young pupils with the diverse experience needed for social accomplishment. Students are also able to combine both academic and vocational courses in some circumstances  as this enhances inclusion. This includes a strong Post 16 Student Union.

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Not to brag, but how good are the students at for creating this science root words display. Thank you to suzyqzy on tes for supplying the resources. We loved them so much we made a display 😍
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On our with yr 9 students we focused today on - what it means, how to lead well & discovering your strengths. Our visit was to local print supply business , who got our students to process an order - & see who made the most profit!
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Thank you Councillor Halden for all the support you have given to us at GHS during your tenure. We wish you all the best.
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Our Gable Hall MADE. course kicked off today in style - games, learning, discovering, & a visit to Basildon Fire Station! Thanks to Zak, Nic and the watch for hosting, inspiring us, & giving us a go on the hoses. Thanks for sharing your passion for your job with us.
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Well done pupils for carrying out a pick as part of your environmental awareness event < do hope what you've learned will allow you to persuade friends and relations that dropping rubbish is a damaging and anti-social habit
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Donations gratefully received by the staff at changing pathways, Basildon.
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Myself and visited a primary and 6th form in this morning. Excellent places! Helping to invest in is vital to ensure all young people can reach their potential!
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Congratulations to OGHS stafff who have been shortlisted for a Thurrock Education Award, these are: Newcomer of the Year: Mr Hellis-Tatum Excellence in STEM: Mr Dixon Excellence in Creative Arts or Culture: Performing Arts Team Teacher of the Year - Secondary: Miss Nancolas
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Please join us in congratulating our new Principal on his new appointment. 🎉🎊
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Starting secondary school can be challenging and it can take time to settle in. A student offers some advice about how he overcame his initial concerns 🏫
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It is the Thurrock Education Awards again next month. Please take a moment to nominate those teachers who go above and beyond for your child. Please click on the following link below and choose your category: Thank you for your support
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Interested playing netball around your 6th Form studies why not visit the to find about our Netball Academy
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Year 13 BTEC sport science students getting to grips with sports massage with Miss Day.
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Opening Evening: Stanford & Corringham Sixth Form open evening is Thursday 10th October, starting at 6.30pm.
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Interested playing netball around your 6th Form studies visit the to find about our Netball Academy, Open evening 10th October 6.30pm
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