Uniform and Equipment

Cultivating Unity and Pride through our Uniform Code: An acceptance of a place at the Gable Hall implies an acceptance our uniform and dress code. By requiring students to wear the Gable Hall uniform, we hope to develop a sense of loyalty to the community of which they are members, and encourage them to take pride in their appearance. 

Attire Expectations: Students in Year 7-11 are expected to wear the complete Gable Hall uniform when travelling to and from school. Throughout the school day, blazers are to be worn, unless teachers permit their removal during lessons. Any student who breaks a condition of the Gable Hall Uniform and Appearance Expectations will receive a sanction in line with the behaviour policy and may be sent home, removed from normal circulation or placed in the Behaviour / Reflection Room. As per the Home Academy Agreement, parents/carers must support their child in adhering to this policy.

Uniform Supplier Details: Our designated school uniform provider is Khalsa Schoolwear. You can reach them at Contact: 020 7729 3286.

Khalsa Schoolwear Dagenham Store - Unit 1 Cromwell Centre, Selinas Lane, Dagenham, RM8 1QH


Essential Lesson Equipment: We anticipate each student to arrive fully equipped for every lesson with the following essentials:

  • Knowledge Organiser (KS3)
  • 2 black/blue pens
  • 1 green pen
  • 2 HB pencils, eraser, and sharpener
  • Colouring pencils
  • 1 pencil case (preferably clear plastic for assessment purposes)
  • 30cm Ruler
  • Mini Whiteboard and pen
  • Compass, Angle measurer/Protractor
  • Reading Book
  • Glue Stick
  • 1 scientific calculator*

Recommended Scientific Calculators: While a variety of scientific calculators are available, we suggest the use of the following models:

  • Casio fx-83 GT Plus
  • Casio fx-83 GTX
  • Casio fx-83 CW

Responsibility for Loaned Items: Certain textbooks and specialised equipment might be provided on loan. A dedicated exercise book or folder will be issued for each subject. Should any item be lost or intentionally damaged, students will be accountable for the replacement cost. This accountability encourages responsible usage of school property.

Thank you for your cooperation in upholding these standards, as together we nurture a culture of respect, unity, and excellence at Gable Hall School.

School Uniform

Enhanced Uniform Guidelines for Students:

Blazer: All students are expected to wear the official Gable Hall School blazer. Blazers should be worn at all times while navigating the school premises. During hot weather, the principal reserves the right to permit the temporary removal of blazers indoors.

Tie: It is expected for every student to wear the school plaid ties. It is expected for every student to wear the school tie at the correct length and sitting at the top button of the shirt at all times - All ties are with white logo form September 2024.

Black belt: Only black belts with a small, plain buckle are permitted.

Shirt: Students must wear a plain white shirt that is appropriate for pairing with a tie and can be neatly tucked in. Polo shirts, T-shirts with patterns or designs are not permitted. Sleeve length can be either long or short. 

Trousers: The uniform policy stipulates plain black tailored trousers that are not clingy, 'skinny,' or designed like jeans. These trousers must be full-length and feature traditional pockets, with no side leg pockets or zips. Hems must be present and not frayed, and the bottom of the trousers should rest on the shoe rather than cling to the leg. Denim, corduroy, lycra material, or hipster-style trousers are not allowed.

Skirt: The school pleated kilt should be worn on or just above the knee when standing. No other length will be acceptable. 

Footwear: Only smart black leather (or leather look) shoes are permissible. This excludes trainers, Converse, Air Force 1 and any other canvas shoes.  Open-toe designs, trainers, pumps, canvas shoes, hybrid trainers, stilettos, mules, sling backs, sliders/flip flops and heels exceeding 4cm height are strictly prohibited.  Footwear should not display coloured laces or stitching. Trainers are only allowed under special circumstances and must be accompanied by a doctor’s note; they should be plain black. Notably, boots are not allowed. 

Additional Information: We have received enquiries from parents/carers regarding the acceptability of leather Kickers. Plain black leather Kickers are permitted as part of the uniform, provided they are shoes and not boots or the trainer variety (refer to attached photos).


Socks - Plain white or black socks

Tights: These should be plain black only. 

Coats, Scarves, and Gloves: Coats, scarves, and gloves should only be worn when travelling to and from the school premises. These items must be promptly removed upon entering the buildings. Hijabs worn for religious reasons must be plain black and should not cover the face or uniform. While outdoor coats in sensible styles and plain colours are acceptable, leisure wear, logos, and patterned jackets are not suitable for school attire. Sweatshirts, hoodies, denim jackets, and similar items do not meet the criteria for coats. Additionally, leather, denim, tracksuit tops, hooded sweatshirts, and patterned jackets are strictly prohibited. Scarves should adhere to a conventional style and be in black colour, without a hood. Baseball caps are not permitted.

Jewellery: For the safety and well-being of all students, the school follows a jewellery policy similar to other institutions. Pupils are allowed to wear only a single pair of small studs and a wristwatch. This policy extends to necklaces that might typically be worn beneath shirts or blouses, as well as rings, earrings, nose rings and bracelets. Bangles and cuffs are not allowed. Medical alert bracelets/necklaces are permissible if deemed necessary. Badges related to the school are allowed. 

Hairstyles: Only natural hair colours are allowed at any time. Unnatural shades and colours eg red, purple, pink, blue, green etc are not permitted. Decisions regarding any extreme hairstyles or colours that contravene this uniform policy, will be made at the Principal’s discretion or any senior member of staff as delegated by the Principal. Hair accessories should be simple and adhere to the school colours of black or white, with a maximum width of 50mm. 

Make-up: If makeup is worn, it should be subtle and natural looking. Coloured nail varnish, false or acrylic nails and artificial eyelashes are not allowed. Eyebrow slits are also prohibited. If eyebrows are enhanced using makeup or dye, they should maintain a discreet and natural appearance. 

Bags: We recommend traditional-style bags that are spacious enough to accommodate A4 books and folders. Handbags and small cross-body bags are not suitable for school purposes.

Valuables and Money: As a cashless site, we encourage students and staff not to bring any cash or valuable items onto the premises. This policy helps to minimise the risk of theft and loss associated with physical currency. Students and staff are encouraged to utilise cashless payment methods for any transactions within the school environment, promoting convenience and security. Gable Hall School cannot be held liable for any incidents involving theft, accidental loss or damage to personal effects, money, belongings or clothing. 

Additional Items and Issues

  • Students must adhere to the Uniform and Appearance Policy on the way to and from Gable Hall.
  • Uniform exceptions may be made by the Principal but only where this is required as a matter of sincere religious observance. The Principal’s decision is final.
  • Underclothing, including thermals and vests, must not be visible.
  • No make-up or nail varnish may be worn. Lip balm can be used but must not alter the natural appearance of the lips and must never be applied during lessons.
  • Students may not write or draw on their skin, this includes having permanent or temporary tattoos that are visible.
  • The Principal has ultimate discretion in establishing what is and is not acceptable.

We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these uniform guidelines, which help maintain a consistent and respectful appearance across the school community.

Physical Education Kit

Physical Education Kit

Physical Education holds a pivotal role in shaping your child's educational journey during their initial five years at Gable Hall School. To ensure a comprehensive experience, each student will partake in four to five PE lessons per fortnight. Our commitment to upholding standards of appearance, presentation, and safety is reflected in the expected PE kit outlined below.

For uniformity and consistency, it's important to note that all P.E. and Dance attire should bear the Gable Hall logo. We kindly request that items from other brands, such as Adidas and Nike, which carry their own logos, be avoided. If you are unable to purchase attire with the Gable Hall badge then plain white / black attire will be accepted. 

Expected Attire for Students:

  • Official Gable Hall School P.E. polo shirt.
  • Official Gable Hall School P.E. leggings / Training Pants.
  • Official Gable Hall P.E. 1/4 zip training top.
  • Plain Black Socks.
  • Official Gable Hall School P.E. Shorts.

For safety considerations, students are prohibited from wearing wristwatches during their P.E. and dance lessons and it is essential that long hair is securely tied back.  On days when physical education classes are scheduled, we strongly advise students not to bring valuable items to school. If, however, they choose to do so, they do it at their own risk and personal responsibility. Any money brought should be placed in a wallet with student’s name and handed in for safekeeping, along with their wristwatches, which will be securely locked away.

Additionally, students who have asthma should ensure they bring their labelled asthma pump with them to every lesson as a precautionary measure. If students opt to bring deodorant or antiperspirant, please note that it must be in stick or roll-on form and not in spray bottles, for safety reasons. 

By adhering to this uniform policy, we collectively ensure a cohesive and safe environment for all students engaging in physical activities. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated as we strive to provide a well-rounded educational experience for your child at Gable Hall School.

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Lost Property Guidelines

To ensure the safekeeping of your child's belongings, we kindly request your cooperation with our lost property procedures:

Name your child’s possessions: We strongly advise your child’s possessions, including clothing, are clearly labelled with their name.  This simple step greatly assists us in returning lost articles to their rightful owners.

Lost Property Collection: If you child loses any item while on our premises, we encourage them to enquire at the Main Office by the Reception area.  This is where all found articles should be handed in.

Holding Period: Lost items are retained in the Main Office until the end of the term.  After this period, unclaimed items are placed on display for students to reclaim.

Personal Item Responsibility: Gable Hall School does not assume responsibility for the safety and security of your child’s possessions.  In light of this, we kindly urge parents and guardians to consider whether it is necessary for their child to bring valuable items onto our school premises. 

Charitable Donations: Any items that remain unclaimed after being displayed are thoughtfully donated to charity.  We believe in contributing to our wider community. 

By working together and following these lost property guidelines, we aim to maintain a supportive and organised environment for our students while promoting personal responsibility. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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