Personal Development Curriculum

Personal Development Curriculum

Personal development at Ortu Gable Hall School is built upon the foundations of the school vision, aligned with our mission statement and our motto ‘Knowledge Nurtures Wisdom’. These values underpin the culture at Gable Hall and every student's daily school life.

We also actively promote and develop students' understanding and appreciation for the five core British values (tolerance, rule of law, democracy, individual liberty and mutual respect).

At Ortu Gable Hall we believe in the holistic development of our pupils, offering pupils more opportunities that will lead to more choices in the future.

Our personal development curriculum goes beyond the National Curriculum. It offers unique learning experiences which provide students with enriched cultural capital. By offering a varied and diverse set of experiences, we help to prepare students for the culturally diverse nature of the society in which we live. 

At Ortu Gable Hall we ensure that students are resilient, self-assured and challenging learners, both to themselves and within any other cultural context. At Ortu Gable Hall we ensure that students have a broad enrichment curriculum that students develop the key skills to feel motivated in the face of adversity and confident to take on any challenge.

In order for students at Ortu Gable Hall to meet their personal development intention, we implement a curriculum for students to have significant chances to learn and actively engage in four key areas: 

  • SMSC development
  • Character development
  • PSHE and Sex and Relationships Education
  • Careers.

You can find more detail on each of these areas below. The personal development curriculum is developed in line with both statutory guidance and The PSHE Association's recommended curriculum.

SMSC - Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development is part of everything we fo at Ortu Gable Hall. British values are integral to SMSC and underpin our school's values. We take a thoughtful and deliberate approach. 

SMSC is embedded into our curriculum and teaching staff plan for opportunities to develop students’ ability to reflect on their learning.  Our curriculum, our assembly programme, our tutor time programme and our Student Voice programme ensure SMSC is wide ranging.

Spiritual: explore beliefs and experience; respect values; discover oneself and the surrounding world; use imagination and creativity; reflect.

Moral: recognise right and wrong; understand consequences; investigate moral and ethical issues; offer reasoned views.

Social: use social skills in different contexts; work well with others; resolve conflicts; understand how communities work.

Cultural: appreciate cultural influences; participate in culture opportunities; understand, accept, respect and celebrate diversity.

Student Council

Student Voice elections provide an opportunity for students to engage in decision making and democratic processes. Students are actively encourage to respect everyone in our community and to ensure that everyone in our community is treated equally. For more information and how the Student Leadership is organised please click HERE

The Curriculum

Students embed the core values of Ortu Gable Hall and are mindful of one another’s views, demonstrating tolerance to differences in opinions. We encourage students to be reflective learners, showing curiosity and a thirst for knowledge in order to improve as individuals. This enables students to develop holistically and become active participants in modern British life. This is a real strength at Ortu Gable Hall and is embedded in the curriculum through weekly themes and special edition newsletters throughout the year (attached below).

PSHE aims to create a more thoughtful, spiritual, cooperative, compassionate generation of citizens who are skilful in resolving social, environmental, economic, and political world problems. At Gable Hall School we aim to develop the whole child so that they are enterprising, resilient, creative problem solvers who can take their place in society and make a difference to the world.

The curriculum content is flexible to allow for impromptu topic delivery to a particular form or year group as the need arises. These specific issues may range from amongst others; bereavement, relationships or friendships and can be requested by students, tutors or parents in response to a particular issue within a form or year group. 

The curriculum is designed and sequenced to build upon prior knowledge and we have developed an outstanding curriculum that is challenging and engaging and meets the needs of the students. Our curriculum is purposeful and inspiring with many memorable and rich experiences embedded throughout. See an example of the KS3 mapping. 

Religious Studies - To promote spiritual development, all students study Religious Studies at Key Stage 3. This encourages students to reflect on their own beliefs and those of others. Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Sikhism are studied and other belief systems are examined through modules on ethics and human rights.

The principal aim of RE is to engage pupils in systematic enquiry into significant human questions which religion and world views address, so that they can develop the understanding and skills needed to appreciate and appraise varied responses to these questions, as well as develop responses of their own.The diversity of faiths represented at Ortu Gable Hall is rich, with students demonstrating respect for others' faiths, feelings and values. 

Wellbeing Tutor Time Programme. 

The moral development of pupils is also promoted through our comprehensive and robust Wellbeing Tutor Time Programme. Students reflect on the difference between right and wrong, and they are equipped to apply reasoning and critical thinking skills to their own lives, based on a moral compass. Students reflect on their own moral decision-making through a focus on restorative justice integrated into our culture for learning. The WTTP is spilt across five days with five different sessions. Students develop their character and cultural capital each day through a different themed activity (see below). All tutor time is sequenced against the same theme, but developed specifically to each year group.

  • Careers sessions focus on key employability skills. The skills are; Leadership, Problem Solving, Listening, Creativity, Staying Positive, Teamwork, Aiming High and Presenting.
  • PSHE sessions concentrate on SMSC, PSHE and Citizenship. Specifically looking at the development of pupils understanding of tolerance, right and wrong and relationships.
  • Literacy and Numeracy sessions are taught across key texts, and look at inference and, the ability and confidence of students to read, think, write and share.

Gable Hall Wellbeing Resources TTP 2021-2022

  1/2 term 1 1/2 term 2 1/2 term 3 1/2 term 4 1/2 term 5 1/2 term 6
Year 7 Transition and Safety + Fundamental Skills - Basic First Aid Identities & Relationships 1 - Family & Relationships Personal & Cultural Expression 1 - Identity & Diversity Identities & Relationships 2 - Health Drugs & Puberty Fairness & Development 1 - Rights & Responsibilities Fairness & Development 2 - Financial Planning and Charities
Year 8 Internet Safety - Staying safe online and through social media. Identities & Relationships 3 - Living together in the UK Globalisation & Sustainability 1 - War & Conflict Globalisation & Sustainability 1 - United Nations Identities & Relationships 4 - SRE & Drugs Personal & Cultural Expression 2 - Healthy Lifestyles
Year 9 Mental Health - Coping Strategies Scientific & Technical Innovation 1 - My Skills, My Future Identities & Relationships 5 - Drugs Orientation in Time & Space 1 - UK’s Place in the World Personal & Cultural Expression 3 - Resilience, Stress & Pressure Globalisation & Sustainability 3 - Consumer Rights
Year 10 Identities and Relationships - Drugs and Alcohol Identities & Relationships 6 - SRE Fairness & Development 3 - Crime & Justice Scientific & Technical Innovation 2 - Your Work, Your Future Personal & Cultural Expression 4 - Stress, Exams & Mental Health Revision, PPEs, End of Year Exam Preperation
Year 11 Resilience, Aspirations and Mental Health Identities & Relationships 6 - Sex and Relationships        
Year 12 Diversity, Safety and Health Drugs and Risk Education SSO Health and Wellbeing Personal Finance Positive Wellbeing Careers
Year 13 Drugs Education Emotional Wellbeing RSE - Relationship and Sex Education Personal Finance  


Our assemblies at Gable Hall are based around SMSC and British Values including cultural development. The Heads of Year are responsible for delivering the assembly based around the topics / themes linked to the wellbeing tutor time program. 

All students attend weekly assemblies which are focused on our core values. Our assemblies at Ortu Gable Hall help to supplement the Wellbeing tutor time programme, providing a time where students can engage and enquire in a different context. Asemblies offer an opportunity to reflect and think of the wider issues. 

Assemblies are delivered by senior leaders, middle leaders and students as well as visiting speakers from organisations such as local religious leaders, Brook - Healthy lives for young people, Local emergency services including the police and ambulance services. A broad range of topics is investigated each year under themes which promote British values such as tolerance, respect, a moral compass and empathy.

Assemblies include topic / themes are based around:

Resilience, Achievement and Aspiration, Attendance, Anti-bullying, Child Exploitation, Mental Health, Behaviour, Inequality, Fake News, Brexit, Kindness, Careers, Autism Awareness, Black History, Fresh Starts, Mental Health / Exam stress, End of Term celebration and rewards.

Gable Hall Weekly Outline of Out of School Hours Learning Activities

The curriculum is more than just the taught curriculum.  At Gable Hall we offer students a broad range of opportunities and experiences.  We believe that these opportunities provide students with the opportunity to develop our key character traits of Respect, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Resilience and Reflection. Gable Hall also run a number of national and international trips, offer our Student Voice programme, our Combined Cadet Force, as well as trips that extend other areas of the curriculum.

Life at Gable Hall is about more than just benefiting from well taught lessons. We are committed to providing a wide range of opportunities for our students outside lessons.

These include:

  • clubs and teams for boys and girls across a range of sports
  • music, dance and drama clubs, trips and productions
  • cultural trips both in Britain and abroad
  • skiing trips every year
  • after-school subject-based clubs
  • homework club in the library
  • Combined Cadets

We also actively encourage students to get involved in developing the out of school hours learning programme by getting them involved in bidding for the out of school activities that they want to do.

Enrichment Opportunities

Enrichment programmes are vital to ignite that passion for learning in students again as well as to assist pupils to develop wider skills, flexibility and resourcefulness. At Ortu Gable Hall we realise that enrichment gives pupils opportunities to try new and varied activities that develop character, resilience and motivation, and encourage pupils to pursue wider goals.

Our enrichment programme is designed for all pupils to flourish and to live out our vision of preparing them to be good active citizens within their communities. We believe that education and character development are key drivers in a student’s overall growth so we aim to offer an inspiring enrichment programme as an intrinsic part of the school experience.

The programme provides opportunities for pupils to further their interests from the classroom or to try something totally new. Enrichment activities help pupils develop a love for learning in their own time, expand their mind and gain skills that will help pupils in the future. Learning outside the classroom also gives students the opportunity to experiment which helps to build confidence as they learn new skills and immerse themselves in new experiences.

All our departments at Ortu Gable Hall will offer some type of enrichment activity throughout the academic year, visiting an art gallery, the local church, seeing a play in the west end, and visiting museums. In particular, our sports music and drama departments offer a wide variety of enrichment opportunities for all age groups and all our clubs, societies, teams and ensembles are all inclusive. 

Click here to see our full range of enrichment opportunities. 


During the third week in September we hold a clubs fair at lunch time in the theatre which gives students and teachers the chance to meet and talk about what activities are available out of school hours throughout the school year. Students are encouraged to run stalls about each club alongside teachers. This is a great opportunity for year 7 students and students new to the school to find out more about the wealth of extra-curricular activities available at Gable Hall School.


Due to the complex demographic of the local area, pastoral care is key to inclusion because students need to feel a sense of belonging with consistent boundaries and effective routines.  The pastoral team will ensure that students are fit for school and able to thrive. 

In order to support our students to develop into successful citizens in society, a number of students are giving mentoring opportunities. This may be because they have been identified as vulnerable or disadvantaged and/or their behaviour may have highlighted the need for additional mentoring support. 


As part of our Personal Social and Health Education curriculum, students are taught about the importance of healthy relationships.  The curriculum is planned to deliver knowledge needed for positive and safe relationships of all kinds.  Students are informed about how to keep themselves safe and healthy and have good relationships with others.  Our programmes of study build on essential knowledge covering different types of relationships and how to recognise healthy and unhealthy relationships of all kinds.  In addition, the curriculum covers how relationships can affect health and wellbeing.  This aspect is further developed by taking safety online into account.  Factual knowledge about sex, sexual health and sexuality are taught within the context of relationships.

The Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) curriculum is a statutory requirement. There are parts of this curriculum that crosses over with the PSHE curriculum as well. The aim of this curriculum is to give young people the information they need to help them navigate all types of relationships, human sexuality and both mental and physical well being. 

The RSE lessons do not encourage early sexual experimentation but teach young people to understand human sexuality and to respect themselves and others. It aims to enable young people to mature, build their confidence and self-esteem and understand the reasons for delaying sexual activity. We want to build lessons that will support our young people throughout their lives, to develop safe, fulfilling and healthy sexual relationships, at the appropriate time.

Educational Visits

Students regularly take part in educational visits and trips, to develop their understanding of historic and culturally significant events and landmarks within the world. These visits and trips give students the opportunities to develop an association when retrieving key information whether this be in lessons or in conversations in their everyday lives. Some examples of trips that Ortu Gable Hall has been on in the last year include: NASA Space Station trip, Austria ski trip, Excel Careers Fair and various visits into London’s museums and theatres and other cultural offerings.

Supporting Mental Health at Gable Hall

In 2020 we learnt more than ever the importance of looking after ourselves, not only our physical health but our wellbeing too. Here at Gable Hall we want you to feel your absolute best so that we can all be ready to thrive and tackle life’s challenges together.

As part of our holistic approach to supporting wellbeing at Ortu Gable Hall we are busy working on plans to provide more opportunities for everyone in our community to reflect, understand and respond to their wellbeing. 

We have created some useful tips, activities and links to help ensure we all know how to look after ourselves, simply click the link to the wellbeing website


SMSC & British Values Date  
SMSC Curriculum Mapping 01st Sep 2021 Download
British Values 13th Apr 2021 Download
Black Lives Matter 13th Apr 2021 Download
Black History Month 13th Apr 2021 Download
Anti Bullying Week 13th Apr 2021 Download
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