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Our assemblies at Gable Hall are based around SMSC and British Values including cultural development. The Heads of Year are responsible for delivering the assembly based around the topics / themes linked to the wellbeing tutor time programme. 

All students attend weekly assemblies which are focused on our core values. Our assemblies at Gable Hall help to supplement the Wellbeing tutor time programme, providing a time where students can engage and enquire in a different context. Assemblies offer an opportunity to reflect and think of the wider issues. 

Assemblies are delivered by senior leaders, middle leaders and students as well as visiting speakers from organisations such as local religious leaders, Brook - Healthy lives for young people, Local emergency services including the police and ambulance services. A broad range of topics is investigated each year under themes which promote British values such as tolerance, respect, a moral compass and empathy.

Assemblies include topic / themes are based around:

Resilience Assembly, Achievement and Aspiration Assembly, Attendance Assembly, Anti-bullying Assembly, Child Exploitation, Mental Health Assembly, Behaviour Assembly, Inequality Assembly, Fake News Assembly, Brexit Assembly, Kindness Assembly, Careers Assembly, Autism Awareness Assembly, Black History Assembly, Fresh Starts Assembly, Mental Health / Exam stress assembly, End of Term Celebration and Reward Assemblies.


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