The wearing of School Uniform is required as an integral part of maintaining standards as this promotes positive behaviours for learning and a professional business-like image in the eyes of the local community. As such all pupils are encouraged to take pride in their appearance and their uniform.

School Uniform is detailed in the handbook issued to parents of new entrants in September. 

All items of School Uniform should be clearly labelled with name and form. Most items of School Uniform are available in most of the major chain stores. With the exception of the girls’ skirt. The School badge for the blazer and ties can be purchased directly from the school.

All other items can be purchased in person or online from uniformwise.co.uk or https://www.urbanuniform.co.uk/  

School Uniform

Students are expected to wear the correct school uniform as outlined below:

Blazer black blazer. School badge attached to the blazer (iron/stitch on)

Tie All students will be expected to wear the school plaid ties with the correct year group colour crest (from September 2020): Year 7: lilac, Year 8: green, Year 9: yellow, Year 10: blue, Year 11: red

Shirt plain white shirt or blouse suitable for use with a tie and that can be tucked in.
Polo type shirts or T-shirts with a pattern on them are regarded as unsuitable.
Sleeves can be long or short. (In the Summer Term).

Jumper plain black 'V' necked pullover if needed - (no cardigans, sweat shirts, zipper tops, hooded, round necked or patterned pullovers).

Trousers plain black tailored trousers, not clingy, ‘skinny’ or jean style. They must be full length with traditional pockets, no pockets on the side of the leg or zips.The trousers must have a hem and not be frayed or have a wide or narrow bottom. Trousers should not be denim, cord, lycra material or hipster style. The bottom of trousers should sit on the shoe and not cling to the leg.

Skirt black and grey knee-length tartan plaid Kilt. The skirt should sit on or just above, the knee when standing.

Footwear - Only smart black leather (or leather look) shoes are permitted. This means that trainers, Converse, Air Force 1 and any other canvas shoes are not permitted. No open-toe design, trainers, pump, canvas shoes, or hybrid trainers. No stilettos, mules, sling backs, sliders/flip flops. The heel should be no more than 4cm high. There should be no coloured laces or stitching. Trainers are only allowed under special circumstances when accompanied by a doctor’s note they should be plain black. Please note boots are not allowed

Parents/carers have asked if leather Kickers are permitted. These are permitted as long as they are plain black shoes and not boots or the trainer variety of kickers (see photos below).


Socks plain white or dark socks

Tights black or natural/skin tone, patterned socks must not be worn over the top of tights

Coats most forms of sensible outdoor coats, plain in colour without writing or motifs and waterproof are acceptable. Casual leisure wear and those with logos are not regarded as suitable for school. Sweatshirts, hoodies or denim jackets of any description do not qualify as coats and are not acceptable. Leather, denim, tracksuit tops, hooded sweatshirts or patterned jackets are not allowed at any time. Scarves should be black in colour and conventional style with no hood included. Hats if worn must be plain. Baseball caps are not allowed.

Jewellery In line with most other schools the Principal and Governors have decided that for health and safety reasons pupils will not be permitted to wear any form of jewellery apart from a single pair of small studs and a wristwatch. The ban includes any necklaces normally hidden beneath shirts or blouses in addition to rings, earrings, nose rings, bracelets etc. Bangles and cuffs are not permitted. Medical alert bracelets/necklaces may be worn if appropriate and like watches, do not count as jewellery but as essential equipment. Badges are permitted if school related.

Hair  must be moderate, conventional and smart. No shapes cut into hair. Hair ties, bows or slides should be black or white. Hair can only be dyed in natural colours (i.e. no bright reds, blues etc.). Hair can only be dyed in one colour to create a natural looking effect. Long hair must fastened back in laboratories and practical rooms as well as for PE. Hair may be worn in small plaits where little scalp is visible provided the whole head of hair is plaited. Plaited hair must be fastened at the back and not have beads, dreadlocks must not contain beads or metallic bands. The school reserves the right to make the final decision on what constitutes an extreme hairstyle.

Make-up if worn must be discreet and natural looking. No Coloured nail varnish, false or acrylic nails or eyelashes to be worn. Eyebrow slits are not permitted. If eyebrows are pencilled-in or dyed they should be discreet and natural looking.

Bags traditional style bags are to be used, and should be large enough to carry A4 books and folders. Handbags or small over the body bags are not suitable

Physical Education Kit

Physical Education Kit

Physical Education will play a vital role in your child’s education throughout the first five years at Ortu Gable Hall School. Each child will receive four or five lessons of Physical Education a fortnight. In order that standards of appearance, presentation and safety are maintained pupils will be required to wear the PE kit as listed below. Ortu Gable Hall School provides kit through an external supplier, additionally, the vast majority of kit items are available from high street retailers for example Asda & Tesco.

All P.E. & Dance wear should be plain black or white, items with the Gable Hall logo are optional, however, other branded items, with logos, such as Adidas & Nike are not permitted.

OPTIONAL wear for the children will be as follows

  • Plain black sweatshirt, no hoods
  • Rugby Top Royal Blue

COMPULSORY wear for the children 

  • Plain white polo shirt/t-shirt
  • Plain track bottoms/leggings
  • Socks Plain Black
  • Plain black shorts - no cycling shorts

Dance Kit:

Key Stage 3.

  • Plain white polo/t- shirt
  • Plain black shorts – no cycling shorts
  • Bare feet - (Clean white trainers can be worn if there is a foot complaint – a note will be
  • required)

Key stage 4

  • Plain black T-shirt or GHS Dance T-shirt if chosen.
  • Plain black leggings/ jogging bottoms/ black Opaque dance tights with black leotard
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