Home School Agreement

Home School Agreement

For students to achieve success at Ortu Gable Hall  it is important that parents, students and the School are able to work together, each playing an equally important role in the partnership. In order that this partnership can work effectively we must be supportive and committed to work in the best interests of all concerned. This page sets out what the School will provide and details our expectations of parents and students.

About our school

Ortu Gable Hall School aims to create a safe, caring and happy community in which our children learn to meet, with confidence the challenge of their future.

We provide a caring community within which pupils develop their potential in intellectual, physical, creative, moral and social terms.

Self-awareness and confidence are fostered to enable them to become responsible participants in a changing society with an appreciation of the value of education.

The school’s message applies to all who work within the school and underpins our relationships with each other

Parents wishing to see members of staff are asked to make appointments by telephoning the school on

01375 400800


Our Home School Agreement

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