Here at GHS, our students in year 10 & 11 have a rigorous, comprehensive programme, designed for them for revision.

This starts with the basics of ‘why we revise’, ‘how to revise’ & ‘how to source help’. They then have sessions where they build on the skills taught, including time management, organisation and deep revision.

Students and parents will receive numerous resources to help them on their journey. Parents will also have a number of face-to-face sessions to facilitate helping at home with revision.

In this section, you will find numerous resources to aid in this journey.

English - We have recently renewed our subscription for Digital Theatre plus - this is a brilliant website which includes resources, film and theatre productions of all the GCSE/A-Level English Language, Literature and Drama texts studied at Gable Hall.

You are not required to register on the website: you just sign in using your email address and you are ready to go!

Click Here and sign in using your domain email address.

Below is a list of texts which are available to watch and study on the website:

  • ‘Lovesong’
  • ‘Blood Brothers’
  • ‘Macbeth’
  • ‘Hamlet’
  • ‘An Inspector Calls’
  • ‘A Christmas Carol’
  • ‘Frankenstein’
  • ‘The Great Gatsby’
  • ‘A Streetcar names Desire’
  • Other Shakespeare plays

Geography - GCSE Geography. The exam board we use is Edexcel B.


History - We have created a history google drive with access to ample revision resources including downloaded GCSE Pod videos; revision check-lists; thematic overviews; past paper questions and other revision resources. Please click this link to access:

If you have any further questions, please email

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