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Moving from primary to secondary school can be a daunting prospect for Year 6 pupils. To help reduce the anxiety and maintain the achievements of primary school, Ortu Gable Hall has an extensive transition programme in place.

The programme begins before Year 6 with our staff working closely with our partner primary schools on a range of activities designed to help students get to know us better. At the start of June there is a Year 6 Open Evening held at the Gable Hall to showcase our facilities and the work we do. Parents/Carers are welcome to come and ask questions and there will be current students helping to show them round to talk about their experiences of moving to secondary education.

At Gable Hall we are extremely proud of our Year 6 Transition days. We offer a three day transition experience to allow our newest students to feel confident and ready to start their Gable Hall journey in September. Gable Hall students come from a range of primary schools. Transition days are designed for all students to get to know their new classmates / fellow students and feel confident in their new environment. Students take part in a selection of taster lessons to enable them to familiarise themselves with daily life at Gable Hall School.

As secondary school can feel daunting to some students, we also aim to ensure that all students understand the Gable Hall community, and our way of working. In particular, the students will be introduced to our Gable Hall rewards system and our way of life – Ready, Respectful and Safe, the values which underpin everything we do.

Visits to the School - Visits to the School for prospective parents/carers and their children can be arranged at any time throughout the year. Families who are interested in applying for a place at Gable Hall have plenty of opportunities to visit the school to see students and staff at work and to ask questions. Tours dates are offered in May/June and Sept/Oct of each academic year. Places can be reserved on tours by contacting 01375 400800. Once a place has been offered at Gable Hall for a Year 7 student starting in the next academic year, the activities described below take place as part of our comprehensive transition programme.

The Transition Programme - The transition programme for students joining Ortu Gable Hall runs for over a year and aims to provide opportunities for new students to become familiar with the building, staff and other students as well as the standards and expectations of the school. Our Transition Programme for students joining Year 7 in September 2022 is outlined below:

Secondary Transition Open Evening - This is our annual open evening for parents/carers considering Gable Hall for their child’s secondary education. Most parents/carers will attend our transition evening when their child is in Year 6 but some also come when a child is in Year 5 when they are beginning to consider what they are looking for in a secondary school. All are welcome to join us for this very special evening when there will be presentations by the Head Teacher and the opportunity to tour the school with our Student Ambassadors. Specialist facilities will be open to visitors and parents/carers can meet and talk to staff and children can take part in a range of activities.

Welcome Meeting: March 2022 - All students who have been allocated a place at Ortu Gable Hall will be invited, along with their parents/carers, to come along to the School to share a welcome drink, meet key staff, hear more detail about the transition programme and have the opportunity to ask questions.

There will be a letter to all families allocated a place at Gable Hall from the Principal following the Welcome Evening, giving details of the transition programme.

We welcome visits for families who did not have a previous opportunity to visit Gable Hall and/or to see the School at work. Parents/carers of students with SEND or who may need additional support during the transition process may also choose to visit the School again as part of a more intensive transition programme.

Primary School Visits: April – June 2022 - Every student transitioning to Gable Hall in will be visited in their own primary school by a member of Gable Hall Transition Team. This is a demonstration of our commitment to knowing every child well by the time they join our school. This is an opportunity for students to share their aspirations and other information about themselves as well as for Gable Hall staff to meet with Year 6 teachers.

New Year 7 Targeted Parent / Carer Meetings: May – July 2022 - These meetings will take place for any parent/carer whose child has special needs or if there is any additional support that is needed to support transition.

New Year 7 Parent / Carer Information Evening - All parents/carers of the new Year 7 cohort are invited to the School to see a presentation about the curriculum provision that will be delivered to students. Staff will provide information about how to support students with their learning and how to actively promote excellent study habits as they start secondary school. In addition, there will be an opportunity to complete the admission administration such as providing the school with emergency contact, medical or dietary information as well as to book appointments with our uniform suppliers.

New Year 7 Transition Day 1: Wednesday 29th June 2022 - The new Year 7 Students will spend the day at Gable Hall to start to familiarise themselves with the buildings, the routines for using the dining room and facilities, to get used to moving about the School, as well as spending time with their tutor team and other staff.

New Year 7 Transition Day 2 and 3: Thursday 30th June and Friday 1st July 2022 - This will be a second day spent at Gable Hall preparing for the start of the next academic Year. Students will take some very basic tests and experience some taster lessons so that they feel more confident about what to expect when they join the School formally in September.

New Year 7 Student Team Building Day: September/October 2022

This is a very important opportunity for students to experience their first offsite visit. They usually visit an activities centre where they will take part in a range of different challenges such as raft building or climbing aimed at developing the ability to work with different groups, build confidence in attempting new challenges and try out a range of different activities.

For more information about the transition process, please see below the Parent Guide / Student Guide. Please feel free to contact the school should you require further information.

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