Performing Arts Selection Programme


Performing Arts Selection Programme

Thank you for choosing to apply to Ortu Gable Hall School as part of the 10% Performing Arts selection programme.

As an oversubscribed school with specialist status in Performing Arts, we have again chosen to exercise our right to select 10% of our cohort based on aptitude and potential in Dance, Drama, Music or Art.


Selection Guidance


Through workshop activities a child would be able to:

  • Observe a still life creating a drawing that is in proportion and 3D.
  • Closely observe and use range of tones
  • Skilful mark making to create texture and tone
  • Show skilful control and awareness of the visual and tactile qualities of the media used.
  • Independently review and refine work as they progress.


Through workshop activities a child would be able to:

  • Show consistent evidence in accuracy in a range of simple and complex body action after adequate rehearsal time
  • Show an awareness of the importance of focus, timing clarity of form and great knowledge of material
  • Create a suitable response to a given stimulus
  • Select actions that will include a range of simple and complex body actions
  • Demonstrate an awareness of contrasts in order to create interest


Through workshop activities a child would be able to:

  • Create characters that are clearly different from themselves using voice, gesture and body language
  • Choose vocabulary and movement to match the person, place and time required by their story or situation
  • Follow and give directional instructions
  • Participate in group improvisation
  • Understand safety in group activities
  • Comment thoughtfully on the drama and suggest ways of improving it


Through workshop activities a child would be able to:

  • Sing back phrases given to them with a good intonation and memory for longer phrase
  • Make up a short improvisation (using voice or an instrument) and a given stimulus
  • Show an understanding of pace, dynamics, rhythm and melody
  • Show evidence of ensemble skills
  • Perform in a choral workshop
  • Cope with simple harmonies
  • Follow performance directions
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