Since receiving Specialist Schools Status in 2002 Ortu Gable Hall has placed the aesthetic qualities of Dance, Drama, Art and Music at the core of the school's learning ethos.

We aim to provide a broad and enlightening Performing Arts Curriculum through which our students can become independent artistic practitioners. Ortu Gable Hall educates about and through the Performing Arts. We believe that the discipline and excitement of Dance, Drama, Art and Music is transferable to other areas of school life. Using performance techniques and artistic exploration we allow students to creatively unpick concepts, issues and themes. Thus building confidence, motivating the learner and raising standards of achievement in Gable Hall School, our partner organisations and across the Thurrock Local Authority.

The Arts

During discreet Dance, Drama, Art and Music lessons we teach a curriculum that explores techniques and history while encouraging students to prepare, present and evaluate performance work continuously.

Since receiving Specialist Status we have been able to increase take up and allocated Performing Arts curriculum time not only at Key Stage three and four; but with our extended teaching in local primary schools and further education colleges, key stage 2 and five are now also flourishing.

At Ortu Gable Hall School we have invested in modern and well equipped spaces. These provide our students and local community users with a professional and stimulating working environment. We are keen to exploit new technologies and explore new approaches to teaching and learning through continuous investment and trialling of up to date resources, with a vision constantly to challenge students and engage young minds.

A Way of School Life

All curriculum areas embrace the school's specialist status. Through the sharing of spaces and resources we are able to ensure Ortu Gable Hall students receive opportunities to excel in all subject areas. The Performing Arts team work alongside other teaching staff collaboratively to plan ways of blending different curricula. We exchange concepts, themes and approaches to teaching to ensure we enhance students' potential to understand and learn. Cross curricular workshops and activities extend the boundaries of the formal lesson.

Track Record

Ortu Gable Hall students thrive on the opportunity to perform. Students are encouraged to participate in formal shows such as Musicals, Concerts, Dance Shows, Exhibitions and Plays as well as the range of more informal performance platforms. We encourage students to perform to their peers in assembly and during extra curricular time. Our music 'Roadshow' that tours the local primary schools is growing in participants and audiences. Our extensive extra curricular programme includes weekly clubs that explore different styles and aspects of theatre work. The school also employs a wide range of Arts professionals to deliver individual instrumental lessons, extra curricular clubs and workshop activities. Students can extend their expertise further by joining one of the many evening and weekend community classes.

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