Principal's Welcome

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Principal's Welcome

We, at Ortu Gable Hall School, are committed to achieving the very best educational and social outcomes for every one of our students.  We do this by putting learning, challenge and care at the heart of all aspects of our work.

Our vision comes to life in our clearly articulated values which are respect for each other, integrity in all that we seek to achieve and the wholehearted pursuit of excellence in both academic attainment and social accomplishments.  In working towards making these values visible in every student, we strive to provide a safe, healthy, stimulating and exciting environment for all to work, learn and play in, and in which access for all to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum is free and equal.

Our pupils are encouraged to develop lively enquiring minds, to be capable of independent thought and to appreciate those areas of knowledge and understanding which will nurture wisdom, enable them to take responsibility for themselves and their actions, and prepare them for future life, employment and happiness. Academic excellence, respect and tolerance for others, resilience, self-discipline and self-confidence form the basis of our school's philosophy.

Our continuing successes and excellent reputation in the local community are based on a close relationship between well-qualified and dedicated staff, enthusiastic self-reliant and well-behaved pupils and interested, supportive and co-operative parents.

Ortu Gable Hall School converted to Academy status in 2011 and in 2013 became a Multi-Academy Trust.

We are, however, most proud of our young people;  an increasing number of whom are winning places at top universities or competing successfully for some very high profile work positions. They have tremendous gifts, talents and potential. My staff and I, supported by their parents, gain tremendous satisfaction and pleasure in seeing them achieve.

I sincerely hope you find this website useful.   Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further information or indeed have ideas on how we can improve it to offer a better service.


Mr. C. Evans, Principal

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@ ortugablehall Retweeted Department for Education
An update on this month’s vocational and technical exams, in light of the evolving public health measures:
@ ortugablehall
Mrs Regan would like to thank all Year 11 Art students on their wonderful start to their exams yesterday - we're really excited to see the finished pieces today - Well done to all involved!
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Thurrock students making Christmas music for a great cause
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The Gable Creative Arts Christmas Album 2020 is now available to order, all proceeds will go to the Thurrock Food Bank. Please complete the form on our website to make your purchase.
@ ortugablehall
Our Virtual Christmas Market 2020 is now open! Please have a peruse of all the goods & services on offer and help us support our local & small businesses.
@ ortugablehall
Starting on Monday 16th November, we will be running the Reverse Advent Calendar for donations for Thurrock Food Bank to help those less fortunate that are struggling at Christmas time. This campaign will run until Monday 14th December.
@ ortugablehall
Can you help Mr Evans and Gable Hall to inspire the next generation? If you’d be interested in taking part or know someone who might, please follow the guidelines outlined below.
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Gable Hall Open Evening Video via
@ ortugablehall Retweeted LoftPhysics
Not to brag, but how good are the students at for creating this science root words display. Thank you to suzyqzy on tes for supplying the resources. We loved them so much we made a display 😍
@ ortugablehall Retweeted Proximity Church
On our with yr 9 students we focused today on - what it means, how to lead well & discovering your strengths. Our visit was to local print supply business , who got our students to process an order - & see who made the most profit!
@ ortugablehall
Schools Will Rock You Show Postponed - News - Ortu Gable Hall School...
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Introducing Gable Creative Arts - News - Ortu Gable Hall School...
@ ortugablehall
Thank you Councillor Halden for all the support you have given to us at GHS during your tenure. We wish you all the best.
@ ortugablehall Retweeted Proximity Church
Our Gable Hall MADE. course kicked off today in style - games, learning, discovering, & a visit to Basildon Fire Station! Thanks to Zak, Nic and the watch for hosting, inspiring us, & giving us a go on the hoses. Thanks for sharing your passion for your job with us.
@ ortugablehall Retweeted Leave only a shadow
Well done pupils for carrying out a pick as part of your environmental awareness event < do hope what you've learned will allow you to persuade friends and relations that dropping rubbish is a damaging and anti-social habit
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Donations gratefully received by the staff at changing pathways, Basildon.
@ ortugablehall Retweeted Cllr James Halden
Myself and visited a primary and 6th form in this morning. Excellent places! Helping to invest in is vital to ensure all young people can reach their potential!
@ ortugablehall
Congratulations to OGHS stafff who have been shortlisted for a Thurrock Education Award, these are: Newcomer of the Year: Mr Hellis-Tatum Excellence in STEM: Mr Dixon Excellence in Creative Arts or Culture: Performing Arts Team Teacher of the Year - Secondary: Miss Nancolas
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