Aims, Culture & Ethos

The staff and Governors of Ortu Gable Hall have produced a statement of aims and objectives which will be realised through the curriculum, organisation and ethos of the School. The curriculum, which is broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated, has been designed within the framework of the National Curriculum to meet the needs of individual pupils.

Specifically we aim:

  • To give pupils the experience of school as a caring, supportive community where life is enjoyable and where there is equal provision regardless of sex, race or culture.
  • To enable pupils to develop as fully as possible their abilities, interests and aptitudes and to make additional provision if necessary for those who are in any way disadvantaged.
  • To help pupils to develop lively, enquiring minds, to be capable of independent thought and to experience enjoyment in learning so that they may be encouraged to take advantage of educational opportunities in later life.
  • To develop appropriate skills in numeracy, literacy and ICT.
  • to ensure contact with those areas of knowledge and experience which will help pupils to know more about themselves and the society in which they live, to respect religious and moral values and be tolerant of other races, religions, and ways of life.
  • To work in ways which will enhance the self-respect and confidence of pupils and encourage them to take responsibility for themselves and their activities.
  • To establish a partnership between the School and the community it serves and to develop understanding of the wider community and of the ways in which individuals and groups relate.
  • To give pupils the skills necessary to respond effectively to social, economic and political change and to changing patterns of work.
  • To encourage an appreciation of and a concern for the environment.
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