Vision Statement

At Gable Hall School, we recognize the impact of literacy on both the individual and society. Recent statistics show that:

  • There is a difference in reading performance equivalent to over a year’s schooling between young people who do not read and those who read up to 30 minutes a day.
  • 16 year-olds who choose to read books for pleasure outside of school are more likely to secure managerial or professional jobs in later life.
  • Adults with low levels of literacy are more likely to experience poor health
  • Literacy has been found to have a relationship with depression, with 36% of those poor literacy displaying symptoms of depression
  • Reading for pleasure is linked to a reduction in these symptoms, and to a reduction in the risk of developing dementia in later life.
  • People who read books regularly are, on average, happier in life.

Thus, at Gable Hall, we have a rigorous literacy programme which allows every child the opportunity to develop their reading, writing and listening skills, in order to ensure a sound foundation for the future.

We are committed to ensuring that all our students:

  • have access to a range of reading material;
  • recognise the importance of reading for pleasure;
  • recognise the value of being able to communicate clearly;
  • are able to transfer knowledge, ideas and skills between subject areas;
  • are able to continue their literacy development throughout their secondary school career.

These skills are delivered through an extensive programme of Literacy initiatives:

  • regular and frequent opportunities to read for pleasure
  •  focus on extended writing across the curriculum;
  • a range of literacy activities in all subjects across the curriculum
  • focus on the development of subject specialist terminology in all curriculum areas;
  • the use of writing frames to develop structured and lucid and coherent pieces;
  • a weekly SPaG spotlight;
  • the continual development of staff literacy;
  • a range of interventions to support underachieving and lower ability students, including academic dialogue and the literacy hour and
  • the explicit modeling of writing;
  • opportunities for the regular marking of spelling, punctuation and grammar across the curriculum;
  • celebration of reading and writing;
  • a range of enrichment activities
  • Accelerated Reader programme
  • regular marking of spelling, punctuation and grammar across the curriculum

Reading for Pleasure Policy

Mission Statement

Reading is proven to be essential to children’s personal and academic development. As such, at Gable Hall School, we actively seek for ways to instil an enthusiasm for reading in all our students.

Our reading for pleasure policy incorporates the following strategies:

  • Regular library activities;
  • The Carnegie reading competition;
  • Book clubs;
  • Prize giving and certificates;
  • Library lessons;
  • Special library events;
  • ‘What I am Reading Now’ – staff engagement with reading;
  • Library inductions for Year 7 & 8 students;
  • Providing choice – pupils are invited to suggest specific books as part of the library stock;
  • A wide selection of books in the library for more able and less able learners; boys and girls; and texts based on different cultures;
  • Author visits;
  • Visits to external institutions, plays and cinemas;
  • Accelerated Reader in Year 8
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