Student Government

Our Student Government are members of our school community that embody our aim to ‘be the best we can be.’ 

Student Government and Leaders were appointed following an interview process in which they had to detail their ambitions for the school and their peers. 

What roles can I apply for?

There are many roles within the Student Government, including deputy roles. These roles cover many subject areas across the school, inclusive of most departments. Below are a list of the current ‘job titles’ available to apply for.

  • Head Boy/Head Girl and Deputies
  • Minister for STEM
  • Minister for Sports and Games
  • Minister for Arts and Culture
  • Minister for Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Minister for Charities and Community Liaison
  • Minster for International Relations and Languages
  • Minister for Marketing/Social Media
  • Minister for Mental Health Anti Bullying and Student Welfare
  • Minister for Diversity and Inclusion

The Student Government is organised as below:


Expectations of the Student Government team:

  • Good time management
  • Communication (public speaking)
  • Enthusiastic, driven and imaginative
  • Approachable by all at school
  • Liaise with staff and students
  • Productive nature - the ability to put your words into actions
  • Leadership skills

The roles you have to play:

  • Continuation of charity work - put on events and strengthen connections with organisations
  • Public speaking - Open evening, assemblies and Student Council
  • Run student Parliament- includes reporting to SLT meetings
  • Create the yearbook
  • Ambassador for the school - speak to visitors and welcome guests

For further information click Here to see our application process. 

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