Our curriculum is designed to equip pupils with an understanding of how the interaction of formal and informal agents of socialisation work to either liberate or oppress its communities.  Our department has an extremely successful track record over a number of years and we are continually striving to achieve even better grades progressively each year. 

Key Stage 4

The KS4 cohorts will be studying the WJEC Sociology Legacy Specification (4510).  They will be graded from 9 to 1 under the new GCSE grading system.  All examinations will be closed text –meaning pupils will not be able to access the texts they have studied during the exam, therefore putting an emphasis on their ability to revise in preparation for examination.
Students in Magenta, Orange, Blue and Silver colour groups are currently offered this subject in year 9. The specification consists of studying the topics of Socialisation, Inequalities and Research Methods, Education and Crime & Deviance. 


Mr D. Harries - Department Leader
Miss G. Chipperfield

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