With staff from technical, popular and classical music backgrounds, a well-rounded curriculum can be taught drawing on each-other’s strengths where necessary. We also recognise that music is a constantly changing medium and we frequently material and topics to reflect this where appropriate.

Key Stage 3

At the core of the KS3 curriculum is enjoyment and creativity. We intend to broaden the musical and cultural understanding of all pupils, allowing them opportunities to express themselves through musical creation and gain a better understanding of themselves and the wider world around them. We aim to engage and inspire students with predominantly practical lessons, with opportunities to work independently and in pairs or groups.

At key stage 3, it is the intention of the music department to provide a wealth of opportunities for all pupils to experience a range of music from a variety of genres and cultures. We aim to allow pupils to develop skills in performance, by using a wide variety of instruments, creative composing in a range of styles, listening experiences from various musical traditions and acquire the basic theoretical skills required to prepare students to further study in KS4 and 5.

Pupils will study a range of different musical styles including classical, romantic, jazz and blues, popular music and dance.  We encourage them to compose and perform in a wide variety of these styles – and as they progress through KS3 they are encouraged to expand their  musical skills through projects which involve creating radio shows, remixes and adding music for films.

KS3 Curriculum Map

Key Stage 4

The intention of the BTEC level 2 first award in music is to give students an introduction to the music industry, through a range of selected specialist units in either music performance or music technology. Pupils will acquire the practical skills and industry knowledge required to further study or gain employment within the music industry. Pupils will be provided with a wide range of vocational opportunities focusing on their preferred specialist units, in order to provide students with realistic industry expectations, as well as developing their practical skills, creativity and theoretical knowledge.

Pupils will follow one of 2 routes through the course

Mandatory units for all

  • Unit 1 – The music industry
  • Unit 2 – Managing a music product

Performance specialist units

  • Unit 5 – Introduction to music performance
  • Unit 4 – Introduction to composition

Music technology specialist units

  • Unit 6 – Introduction to recording
  • Unit 7 – Introduction to sequencing

Music Performance KS4 Curriculum Map

Music Tech KS4 Curriculum Map

Key Stage 5

We offer both Music and Music technology A level. These courses allow our a level students to stretch their performing, composing, sequencing and technical skills to the brink of professional standards.


The music department aims to encourage creativity outside the classroom and a range of ensembles run regularly both during and after school. These include orchestra, a choir, Guitar group and band club. There is also a Rock School which runs on Monday evenings in partnership with Thurrock Music Services. We have a variety of concerts and events throughout the year – but our annual showcase – the Music Roadshow – is now legendary in the area , often showcasing a concert involving 100 + pupils to our neighbouring primary schools.

We have a large number of visiting professional musicians covering all areas of traditional and pop instruments and styles. Parents are encouraged to buy into this scheme for their child to learn. We also frequently offer trial lessons to year 7 pupils – particularly on orchestral instruments.


Miss F. Beamish - Department leader
Mr. R Taylor

Peripatetic Teachers

Mr Brian Greenaway Drums
Mr Wallace Piano/Keyboard
Mr Lund Woodwind
Miss Elliot Voice
Mr Porter

Further Reading

Music Theory: From Beginner to Expert - The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Understanding and Learning Music Theory Effortlessly – Nicolas Carter

Turn it Up!: A pitch-perfect history of music that rocked the world – National Geographic Kids

The Classical Music Book: Big Ideas Simply Explained – Katie Durham



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