Gable Hall GCSE Results Day 2022

YEAR 11 students at Ortu Gable Hall School have been celebrating some incredible GCSE results today (Thursday 25 August 2022).

Despite the challenges of the past two years, and the effects of the pandemic, it is evident from the smiles all round that students are very pleased with how things have panned out.

Teachers and senior leaders are pleased with the number of students whose results give them guaranteed pathways to the Sixth Form or Apprenticeships. The vast majority of students have secured their places in the Ortu Sixth Form centre, which is a good provision offering more than 32 subjects.

This year at Ortu Gable Hall School, 70% of students achieved a Grade 4 or better in English and Maths combined. 81% achieved a Grade 4 or better in English (with 63% achieving a Grade 5 or better). In Maths, 74% of pupils achieved a Grade 4 or better (with 53% achieving a Grade 5 or better). This shows an improvement on previous outcomes by over 10% on all measures.  

The best performing subjects this year were Physics 77%, Chemistry 74%, Sport 78%, French 62%, Music 82%, Statistics 87% and Dance 76%, achieving a Grade 5 or better.

The following students were amongst the top performers. 
Millie Tredgett,16, pictured, from Stanford-Le-Hope achieved eight grade 9s: “I want to go over to the Ortu Sixth form and I have to say, all of the teachers were my favourite, that’s why I’m going over to the sixth form. It was a lot when Covid hit, studying at home was difficult, and coming back was a bit of a shock to the system, but the teachers are great, and I’m so pleased with these results.

Lewis Cox,16, Stanford-Le-Hope who achieved nine grade 9s, three grade 8s and three grade 7s: “I’m off to the Ortu Sixth form to study, Maths, Physics and further Maths. I want to thank my biology teacher, Mr Hellis-Tatum and my chemistry teacher Dr Oguledo. They were brilliant.

Mia Ward from Grays who achieved three grade 9s, four grade 8s and a grade 7. “I think I did pretty good and I want to study A-levels at the Ortu Sixth Form, Biology, Chemistry, English Literature and language. Ten years from now, I hope to be working in medicine.

Both Katie Sullivan-Bissett Stanford-Le-Hope who achieved 2 grade 9’s 5 grade 8’s and a grade 7 and Jessica Cook from Corringham who achieved 3 grade 9’s 4 grade 8s and a grade 7 were away on Holiday, but their results were collected by a family member and shared with them.
Highest Progress:

Julia Kopyto from Stanford-Le-Hope who achieved almost 2.5points per subject above her target.

Lucy Pring from Grays who also achieved 2 grades above her target per subject.

Other notable performances against targets were Jake Chester, George Hudson Cox and Michael Akinkugbe-ojo who all achieved almost 2 grades above their target per subject. 

Mr Gary Lewis, Interim Principal of Ortu Gable Hall School, said: “We are extremely proud of the hard work and effort which our Year 11s have put in to achieve the GCSE grades that they deserve. I would like to thank our brilliant staff for supporting their classes throughout the year. Even though the past few years have been extremely difficult, it is truly a pleasure to have watched our students grow and mature at Gable Hall. I am proud that more than half of them have decided to stay with us at our Ortu Sixth Form Centre for their A-Level and vocational studies. We wish all our pupils the best of luck and congratulations to everybody.” 

Mrs Tredgett, Millie’s Mum said: “We are over the moon, we’re just so thrilled for Mille and that she’s got the results she has. She’s had some great teaching and we’ve been really impressed with the support across what has been a difficult period with Covid. Well Done Mille, and well done to all her classmates.”

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