Reading intervention: Lexonik

Empowering Literacy Enhancement: Lexonik Intervention

Introducing Lexonik Advance, a dynamic program meticulously crafted to rapidly enhance literacy skills across a diverse range of abilities. This intervention is dedicated to fortifying vocabulary, fostering academic language proficiency, refining comprehension aptitude, honing spelling mastery, and nurturing self-assurance. Delivered in small group settings, this transformative initiative unfolds over six weeks, with one weekly session, consistently showcasing remarkable outcomes.

The advent of Lexonik at Gable Hall School in January 2022 has yielded exceptional accomplishments. Highlighted below are key statistics pertaining to KS3 students who have completed the program:

  • A remarkable 76% of students exhibited progress through Lexonik Advance.
  • An impressive 59% of students showcased growth equivalent to 12 months or more.
  • A substantial 20% now operate at or beyond their chronological reading age.

These outcomes underscore the effectiveness of Lexonik, extending beyond the realms of literacy to encompass enhanced cognitive processing speed and ability.

For further insight into the Lexonik reading program, explore additional information available here:

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